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Friday, March 27, 2015

Room 5 Superstars!

Well done to these 2 AMAZING Role Models!!!

Well done Rhea for always wanting and trying to 'Better than Before', your attitude towards learning is awesome!

Well done Mark for always being so kind and patient towards others in the classroom, you always make sure everyone is included!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Summer Reading Challenge

Well done everyone that read over the holidays!!! You deserve your free book, Ka pai!

Reading is so important, you should be reading every day to keep up your reading skills and strategies! 

Look at the students who were involved in the Summer Reading Challenge!
Ka Pai Tamariki 

Some Cool Authors!
Check out Paul Jennings new book! He is a great author for ages 8-10yrs 
Enid Blyton is an amazing author - with a series of books called the Castle Adventure and The Island of Adventure! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Paroa School Talent Show

Wow what an afternoon! 
Well done to the events committee you did a wonderful job at organising an entertaining afternoon for the whole school.  We have some very talented students at our school and it was awesome for them to show it off for everyone to see!

Well done to Mia for winning first prize today, you showed great courage and bravery to get up in front of everyone (the only one who was chosen from our class).  You really deserved that prize today.  Ka Pai! 

Richards Scholes: The Magical World of Crazy Science

What a fantastic science show yesterday! We got to see some awesome experiments and tricks, it was amazing! 

 Check out this You Tube clip I found!

The Magical World of Crazy Science

What a fantastic science show yesterday! We got to see some awesome experiments and tricks, it was


Check out this You Tube clip I found!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Room 5 Super Stars

Assembly awards this week went to these amazing super stars...

Pippa Robb for being a great friend towards others and being responsible in the playground.


Jacob Speakman for always being helpful towards others with a positive can do attitude. 

Well done, what amazing role models you are!

Tuakana Teina

Today our Room 1 buddies came to our classroom.  We shared our persuasive writing about Wheels at school, and together we drew a picture to go with our writing.  After drawing our picture we got to go on our scooters on the court. 

"It was really fun, and I felt really brave when I jumped down the steps by the hall.  My buddy thought it was awesome!" Jacob.  

" It was fun taking my buddy to the playground and getting to play on the red bars." Sammi

" It was really fun getting to ride my scooter with my buddy Jesse and chasing him around." Mia

Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Friday Flood !

We had a very exciting day on Friday.  We couldn't believe our eyes, the rain was falling so hard and fast and before we knew it the field was beginning to flood. 
We watched the playground and car park fill up with water really quickly too, which ment we couldn't play on the amazing BIG playground.  It rained so heavy we thought the water might cover the whole court!
Here are some photos of us exploring the flooded field and playground!