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Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Super Stinky Shark by Room 5

On Thursday Room 5 went down to the Paroa beach to look at a shark that was surrounded by sticks and stones.  We think it had been killed and used for bait.

First we walked down to the beach in a single file line.  As we got closer to the shark we could smell something horrific it smelt like a skunk.  Once we got closer to the shark the smell faded away.

Next we got closer to the shark and had a really close look at it.  We wern't allowed to touch it.  We could see the sharks gills, teeth and lots of blood.  The skin near its back fin had been skinned off and we could see the white flesh.  We think someone skinned it to use for bait. We noticed its eyeball had started to rot away and its skin was wrinkling in the warmth of the sun.

Then Miss Curragh took some photos of us standing behind the shark and suddenly we heard a scream from Mia "look it has blood in its eyeball"! We all stared like an eagle at the blood in the eye.

We were disgusted and amazed to see a shark on the Paroa beach.

By Room 5


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