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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Glacier Camp Itinerary


Thursday 15 September
Friday 16th September
Have breakfast at home
7am Breakfast /Make Lunches
Morning Activities
7.45am - Briefing Meeting with Parents

8am  Leave from school

8.45am Arrive at Ross - Rest Stop (15 minutes)

10.15 Okarito Walk Pakihi Look out 30 minutes Return.
8am - 9am  Clean up and Pack bags

9am - 9.30am Drive to Gillespies Beach

9.30 - 10.15  walk to Gold Dredge and back to car park. (30 minute walk return)
Morning Tea
10.45am - 11am  Morning Tea @ Okarito
Morning tea 10.15-10.30 On the beach
Mid Morning
11.30am arrive in Franz Josef
Franz Josef Valley Walk (3hrs)
Have lunch on the walk
10.30am- 11 am  drive back to Fox
11am - 11.30am Drive over to Franz

11.45am - 12.45pm Kiwi Centre (1 hour guided tour with a Kiwi Ranger

12.45 -1.15pm Lunch On the walk
Lunch after Kiwi Centre
Arvo Activities
3pm - Arrive at Fox Glacier Accommodation
Set up camp/rules/orientation of property/upack allocate rooms, set up gear and explore
4pm Dinner Preparation/Showers
1pm - Hot Pools

2pm  Make our way back to school

3.15pm Stop in Ross for Rest Stop.

Arrive back at school at Approx 4pm
5pm- 6pm Dinner and

Evening Activities
6- 7pm Dinner Clean/ Showers

8pm Bed

8.30pm  Lights out: Sleep.

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