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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

How to make a Mini worm farm by Andrew

WALT: explain to the class how to make a mini worm farm.

I enjoyed digging up the worms to put in to my worm farm. I found it challenging to find the right worms, because we couldn't use earth worms we had to using tiger worms.


  1. Nice work Andrew (fist bump)! How are your worms going? I tried one of these at home but overfed them :(

    1. You need to feed them how much they weigh.

  2. Andrew you have written your steps clearly, we might follow your instructions model when we write instructions. Those worms looked really wriggly and slimy.

  3. nice work Andrew and the other boys that helped to be BTB for next time you might want to check some of you spelling like tite when it was meant to be tight kino ke ko your awesome


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