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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

How to make scrambled eggs - By Fraser


  1. Kia ora, Fraser. This is almost exactly how I make my scrambled eggs. I have a big chives plant by my kitchen door. It is great that you have used a seperate slide for each step. To make your slideshow BTB, you could add a slide about putting the toast in the toaster and putting butter on it while it is still warm.


    Mr McAulay

  2. Hi Fraser good work, next time you could put what temperature to cook it at.

  3. Hello Fraser. I make scrambled eggs the same way too! To make It BTB make sure It is dummy proof and get someone to go though the recipe without your help. otherwise it is very helpful for people who don't know what to have for breakfast!

  4. Hi Fraser. I like your post about how to make scrambled eggs on toast and the only thing I think you need to be BTB on is the size of the letters because the steps are a bit to small and also you should think about the photos. On the first slide you should add a photo or something and same with the other slides so there is not to much blank spaces.

  5. next time give more isprashin


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